11 New Coffee Portafilter Uses

October 29,2021

Did you know that coffee portafilters can not only be used to filter coffee? It also has many good uses and is definitely worth using at home -- whether you use them for coffee or not! Here are 11 of our favorite uses of coffee portafilters. You can try them today.


  • Use a coffee portafilter to make your glasses shine


If your glasses are dirty and you don't have glasses cloth around you, it doesn't matter. The coffee portafilter can do well. They are made of 100% original paper, so they can illuminate the glass without leaving any fluff.


  • Use coffee portafilter to open wine stopper


Accidentally stuffed your wine stopper? No problem, coffee portafilter can help you!


  • Use coffee portafilter to make DIY air freshener


Air fresheners make your home smell good, but if you don't want to buy them, you can use your own coffee portafilter. Add your favorite herbal / dried petals and some essential oils to the center of the portafilter, then string them into balls and tie them with ropes. In this way, an air freshener is completed.


  • Use a coffee portafilter to protect the porcelain plate


When storing, clip the coffee portafilter between each porcelain plate, and the paper will provide some cushioning and prevent scratches and marks.


  • Coffee portafilter can be made into a beautiful nail polish remover pad.


Coffee filter paper can absorb nail polish remover and wear well, so that nail polish can be easily removed.


coffee portafilter


  • Prevent ice cream from dripping


Ice cream is delicious -- we just hope it lasts longer! When it starts to melt, make sure it's not on your clothes. Use a coffee filter to make DIY conical packaging. All these dripping and viscous mixtures will be sucked away before stains occur.


  • Coffee portafilter can be used as cleaning cloth


If you don't have a cleaning cloth, please don't worry. Soft but durable coffee filter paper is an ideal alternative. They immediately make the surface shine.


  • Soup and stew with coffee portafilter bag


Add extra flavor to soups, stews and other home dishes by making seasoning bags. Use a coffee filter to contain your favorite herbs and spices, tie them with a rope, and then connect them to the handle of the pot. Gently put them into the pot and take them out when finished to facilitate seasoning.


  • Coffee portafilter can fix plants in pots


No matter how compact the potted soil looks, it always escapes through the annoying drain hole in the plant basin. This can be prevented by placing a coffee filter at the bottom of the coffee pot before potting. It still allows water to flow out, but prevents the soil from escaping.


coffee portafilter


  • Use a coffee portafilter to remove excess grease from food


Irresistible cream? You can gently wrap the cooked cheese in the coffee filter to absorb the excess oil and make it lighter.


  • Coffee portafilter can perfectly clean TV, mobile phone and laptop screens


Unless you use a coffee portafilter, the screen is one of the hardest things to clean. Their soft texture and natural composition mean that they can leave no trace and no lint fragments.


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