Are coffee distributor and coffee tamper the same?

May 10,2021

Espresso's making is often inseparable from some utensils often used. For example, coffee distributor, coffee tamper, handle, etc., literally speaking, coffee tamper and coffee distributor are similar, and even some people who have just chosen the coffee industry are skeptical. With a coffee tamper, a coffee distributor is needed? Are coffee distributor and coffee tamper the same? 


Office workers are riding portable electric bikes or the cool 150cc electric motorcycle, on the way to the company, they usually buy a cup of espresso to start a new state of work; now many coffee lovers wake up and make it at home Good coffee for breakfast, put coffee and your iqf organic cauliflower steak on slate dining plates. They usually have this question, can they not buy a coffee distributor or use a coffee tamper, because I already have one of them! They are different, and you need to know a lot about the differences between them.


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Understanding the coffee distributor and coffee tamper


Coffee distributor


If you are a professional barista, a qualified espresso is the minimum requirement; for coffee lovers, a qualified espresso can make a new day full of energy. In the process of making espresso, distribute powder is an important part. The quality of distributing powder even affects the success or failure of a good cup of coffee. It is also an important inspection and scoring item for major baristas.


Why distribute powder


The two most important purposes of distributing powder are to disperse and level.


1. Break up coffee lumps


Distribute the powder of the small and large particles that do not come out of the bean machine as evenly as possible, and there should be no concentration of coarse or fine powder, and no agglomeration;


2. Bupin


Spread the flour flatly in the flour bowl, so that it is evenly arranged in the flour bowl, and there should be no excessive or insufficient locality, and no pile or empty.


Distribute powder with finger


Use your fingers to gently move the distributing flat powder bowl back and forth on the powder bowl, paying attention to the horizontal movement on the side of the powder bowl, not to squeeze the powder layer.


Distributing powder by coffee distributor 


The coffee distributor can achieve the effects of mixing coffee powder, breaking up agglomerations, and evenly distributing particles, but there are also: waste coffee powder, more complicated tools, operation requires certain skills, and more pressing when distribute powder may cause Internal cracks, only the surface is smoothed, and the distribution and thickness cannot be guaranteed to be consistent, and so on.


Nice coffee tamper distributor for your consideration


51mm coffee tamper distributor

51mm coffee tamper distributor


53mm/54 coffee distributor


53mm/54 coffee distributor



Coffee tamper


Pressing powder is to press the loose coffee powder with a powder hammer, so that the coffee powder cake can have a certain resistance when facing the water pressure of 9bar.


Function of coffee tamper


1. Prevent the channel effect and make the coffee extraction more uniform.


After the powder is distributed, the gaps between the coffee powder particles may still be uneven, and the loose powder layer is easily washed away by 9bar hot water during extraction, forming a channel effect. The compacted powder layer can make the coffee powder more dense, and the gap between the coffee particles is as small as possible to reduce the possibility of channel effects.


2. Try to ensure the stability of production and reduce the error rate.


The extraction of espresso is a technical activity. We cannot ensure that the gap between coffee particles is the same every time we receive powder and distribute powder. As the last step before extraction, pressing powder is crucial for the stable extraction of espresso. Important role.


Difference between coffee distributor and coffee tamper


After understanding them, you must know the difference between them. In short, coffee distributor is to make the coffee powder even, pressing powder is to use a powder hammer to compact the loose coffee powder, so that the coffee powder cake can have a water pressure of certain resistance.


Is a coffee distributor necessary


This is based on the quality of the coffee beans. If the output quality of the grinder is acceptable, it is not too serious agglomeration, you can just flatten it directly, simple flattening by hand or flattening can be basically evenly arranged, and then matched with a suitable coffee tamper hand-pressed powder technique to achieve Stable production, if a large number of production or further requirements for quality, you can choose appropriate tools to assist.


How to extract a qualified cup of coffee


Before extracting espresso, you need to remove the coffee handle and clean the coffee powder bowl with a special distribute to ensure that the powder bowl is clean and free of water stains.


Grinding of coffee powder


Take out the coffee beans, turn on the switch of the grinder, pour in the coffee beans, and start grinding the coffee beans.


Take coffee powder


Before taking the coffee powder, you need to put the handle on the electronic scale and clear it, and then put it on the electronic scale after receiving the coffee powder to ensure that the weight of the coffee powder is consistent each time. When receiving coffee powder, pay attention to the position of the coffee powder on the handle, and ensure that the coffee powder falls evenly on all areas of the handle.


Ditribute powder


After receiving the coffee powder, use your fingers or coffee distributor to spread the powder. The purpose is to ensure that the coffee powder is evenly distributed and to avoid inconsistent density when filling and pressing.




After the powder is filled, the direction should be vertical to the powder bowl, and the force should be moderate, not too light or too heavy. Too light will loosen the coffee powder, and too heavy will make the coffee powder compact and dense, and the water flow Difficult to penetrate the coffee powder cake, resulting in excessive extraction


Buckle up the handle


Gently buckle the handle on the coffee machine to prevent the handle from bumping into the coffee machine. Excess bumps will cause cracks in the coffee powder in the handle, leading to channel effects, insufficient extraction and uneven extraction.


Extracted espresso


After closing the handle, immediately turn on the extraction switch to start extracting espresso. When the extraction starts, use an electronic scale to weigh the espresso liquid, and always pay attention to the coffee extraction time and the color status of the coffee liquid.


After the extraction is completed, clean the powder bowl


Buckle the powder cake out of the grounds box, and clean it with a special distributing, and finally buckle the handle back to the coffee machine.


At last


It seems that there are only a few simple steps to make espresso, but there are many details that need to be paid attention to. For example, we need to pay attention to each extraction parameter, clearly weigh the amount of coffee powder, the amount of coffee liquid extracted, the extraction time, and the extraction time. The pressure of the coffee machine.


Many now choose capsule coffee. If your capsule coffee needs to put coffee powder into the capsule shell, you need these tools. If it is a disposable one with packaging, from the rotating storage nespresso capsule holder on the countertop of modern freestanding cabinet. Take it out and put it directly into the capsule coffee machine to make. 


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