Everything You Need Know About Coffee Capsule

March 27,2021

If you are new to start coffee capsules, you must know the most important info about coffee capsule. If you have already tried it, this article is worth reading. It just takes up your 3 minitues.


Coffee capsule


Coffee capsule is also called coffee pods. The concept of coffee capsules was born in 1976, dedicated to capsule coffee machines.


 coffee capsules


The main brands of coffee capsules


  • Nestlé’s Nespresso 
  • JDE Zhenyin’s TASSIMO
  • K-Cup
  • L-Italy’s Oro
  • Lavazza
  • Monodor
  • Gaggia’s ecaffe
  • Korean’s Allcream


? Features of coffee capsules


Coffee capsules can only be used with corresponding machines, which greatly restricts the choice of coffee, especially Nespresso capsules. Although their capsule coffee machines are provided by many brands, capsules can only be used with Nestle's own, not with other brands.


? Advantages & Benefits


The advantages of coffee capsules


  • Simple and convenient
  • The quality of each cup of coffee made can be basically the same


The benefits of coffee capsules


It can better ensure the aroma of the coffee. Since the texture of the capsule wall is relatively hard, it maintains the prototype well at high temperature, so that high-pressure steam can be injected into the capsule, thereby the coffee will completely precipitate a strong espresso with crema or coffee fat under the action of pressure.


coffee capsule


? Choose coffee capsules with powder or without powder


Capsules qith coffee powder


Advantages: It is convenient.




  • The taste is fixed, and you need to buy coffee capsules with a variety of flavors.


  • Throw it away after use, which will cause environmental damage, because the capsule shell is not easily biodegradable.


Coffee capsules without powder




  • It can be recycled.


  • Long use time.


  • Just buy the coffee powder you like.




You need to add coffee powder yourself, it is less convenient when compared by capsule with coffee powder.


In my opinion, we'd better choose eco-friendly one, after all,  the world pays more attention to environmental issues. Well, the final decision is made by yourself, according to your demands.


Refillable Cafe Nespresso Empty Reusable Coffee Capsule Stainless Steel Nespresso Capsule Coffee Pods


stainless Steel Refillable Pods Nespresso Coffee Capsule With Foils Lid

Quantity Price
2~49/piece $6.81
≥500/piece $5.52


This is stainless steel refillable pods nespresso coffee capsule with foils lid.


Nespresso Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Capsule Pods


Nespresso Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Capsule Pods


Quantity Price
2~49/piece  $6.81
50~499/piece  $5.80
≥500/piece  $5.52



ECO-Friendly Stainless Steel Refillable Reusable Filters Coffee Capsule Pod For Tchibo Cafissimo


ECO-Friendly Stainless Steel Refillable Reusable Filters Coffee Capsule Pod For Tchibo Cafissimo

Quantity Price
2~49/piece $10.14
50~99/piece $9.56
100~499/piece $9.13
≥500/piece $9.05

Nice tchibo coffee capsule

tchibo coffee capsule

Quantity Price
2~49/piece  $11.15
50~99/piece  $9.42


≥500/piece  $9.08


Just as you can see from these charts, the more quantity, the better price.


If you are interested in these eco-friendly coffee capsule, just click here, you can get more information.


? Why coffee capsules successfully entered people's vision


1) No skill

First of all, although you have no skills and no idea of learning professional coffee brewing, nespresso capsule may be on your street. Just put it in the capsule coffee machine to get a cup of coffee.


2) Easy to clean up

Several of the best prominent strategies of making coffee are actually used to be remarkably chaotic. The more tools you require, the longer it is going to need to finish the work. For a lot of coffee case equipments, the pill is actually gotten rid of and afterwards put in the applicable recycling compartment, as well as you are ready to make the next cup.


3) Make sure every cup of fresh coffee

One of the most important rules for obtaining fresh coffee is to keep the coffee beans and ground coffee as fresh as possible. In other words, only use the exact amount you need at the exact time you need it. High-quality capsules can be guaranteed to be airtightly sealed, and the seal will break immediately when used. All this guarantees that every cup of coffee has incredible freshness.


4) Multiple choices

Last but not least, being with coffee pods no longer means that you only need to settle down for a small amount of general-purpose coffee. Quite the opposite-literally thousands of different coffee choices in capsule form. Some of them are used by the most incredible specialty coffees on the market. Therefore, if it has been a while since you checked out the latest coffee pod, you might be pleasantly surprised!


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Is capsule coffee good?


Yes, a capsule coffee is like coffee made by a barista, with various flavors and blends for you to choose from. No need to worry about choosing the wrong flavor, and capsule coffee can't go wrong. There is always one that is your favorite. Moreover, the antioxidant content of capsule coffee is higher, and you can also see many benefits from the above. At the same time, you will find that you have a more environmentally friendly option, that is, choose reusable capsules to enjoy different flavors.


How to make your own coffee capsule or coffee pods?


Click the video and get them.



Have you tried coffee capsules?


Exciting as well as imaginative ideas for reusing coffee pills. If recycling alone is inadequate, there are actually likewise true opportunities for reuse. They need some hand-operated skill-sets, however the complete satisfaction as well as recognition that arise from assisting our earth will certainly be actually effectively worth the effort. So except grinding some coffee grains which have been actually freshly baked regionally, coffee capsules make sure to assure you new coffee every time. That is actually certainly not to mention that coffee pills are superior, yet it must be an assurance that coffee capsules perform not always equate to poor coffee. That bag of coffee beans snooping in your kitchen cupboard which was actually ground last month, and even recently, may certainly not supply a new and aromatic coffee like some coffee capsules can easily. That bag of coffee beans snooping in your kitchen area cabinet which was actually ground last month, or maybe recently, might certainly not supply a new and fragrant coffee like some coffee capsules can.


Try coffee capsule start you new day! Once owning coffee capsule, you needn't to invest in another 51mm coffee distributor or 53, 54mm coffee leveler. This is one of the ways coffee capsules can help you cut extra expenditure.


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