Is A Coffee Distributor Worth Investment?

October 22,2021

Coffee distributor is the most worthy investment project for making coffee. It is an excellent tool for evenly distributing coffee powder in the basket on the po'rtafilter, which is specially designed for this.


Compared to making it even by hand, the coffee distributor is very fast, only needs to use gravity once, and will not stain the hands and the table. The coffee distributor 51mm needs to be matched with the 51mm portable filter basket, otherwise good results will not be achieved.


look for a coffee distributor 51mm


Does uneven distribution of coffee powder affect coffee?

If the coffee powder falls into the powder bowl unevenly, part of the powder cake will be denser and some will be looser during subsequent filling, and the water flow will choose a place that is easier to pass through because it is inert, that is, it will be easier to loosen. If it passes through, this part will be extracted more, and the dense area is insufficiently extracted, resulting in uneven extraction, which is also one of the reasons for the channel effect. It is conceivable that this step of cloth powder will directly affect the stability of your coffee extraction. If you want to get a qualified cup of espresso, do not ignore this step.


What is the difference between a finger and a coffee distributor in distributing coffee?

Using finger is the most traditional distributing powder method. After pouring the coffee powder into the powder bowl, push it back and forth with your index finger and the palm of your hand to let the coffee powder fall into the gap as much as possible to ensure that the coffee powder is evenly distributed, and at the same time, you need to pay attention , Make sure that your fingers are pushed horizontally when applying the powder to the fingers, and do not apply downward force. The powder only distributes the coffee powder evenly, while the use of the distributor is simple and clear, only need to rotate the powder disperser on the powder bowl.


Why coffee distributor?

The appliance is more stable than finger cloth powder, and the scale is fixed, even if it is operated by different baristas or the same person multiple times, it can easily achieve a stable cloth powder effect. At the same time, the use of the powder dispenser can improve the efficiency of the production. The coffee production can not only ensure the quality, but also increase the speed, and it is clean and hygienic. But the dispenser is only an auxiliary appliance after all, just like the current automatic tamping device. Although the introduction of a machine can improve the quality and efficiency of coffee, it will also lead to a phenomenon of over-reliance on auxiliary machines.

What size coffee distributor do I need?

The basket size of portafilters are going to vary between numerous coffee machine brand names. They vary from 49mm in dimension to 59mm. You may likewise have the capacity to slightly change the basket size of your machine.


Our experts would advise evaluating your container to begin with before acquiring a meddle. The moment you have the diameter of your container you need to have to seek a tinker that is actually slightly smaller so it is going to match within. If your container solutions 51mm after that a 51mm tinker should be actually perfect.


Coffee distributor size of basket

Realize also that some smaller singular go baskets can be tapered which will suggest you'll require an also much smaller distributor.


look for a coffee distributor 51mm


How to tamp coffee properly

Grind the coffee into the basket as well as using your middle finger amount out the ground coffee producing a flatbed of untamped coffee.


Decide on the distributor up so the handle partakes the center of your hand and your finger, forefinger and middle hands grasp the foundation of the damage equivalent distance apart.


Press the distributor right into the flatbed of coffee premises and also utilize your hands and thumb to see to it the bedroom equals. Apply enough power so the coffee is actually pushed in to condition rather than pushed. The suggestion is to create an also mattress of coffee that water may still travel through.


Once you have used the stress spin the tamper around 90° utilizing your hands and thumb jogging flush versus the edge of the container.


We know that it is very easy to use coffee distributor to distribute coffee powder evenly. If you want to buy a 51mm coffee distributor in Envery, please contact us. We also have other coffee accessories, such as delonghi ec685 portafilter, 49mm coffee distributor, and 54mm coffee leveler, etc. keeping your coffee making process tidy and improving the efficiency of a cup of coffee making.