The Distinction Of 54mm Portafilter Vs 58mm

November 01,2021

As the most classical portafilter, 58mm basket has been considered as the best portafilter in making an espresso since the E61 was launched coming with the first 58mm portafilter. It seems that nobody could undermine it status until the appearance of 54mm tool. And today we are going to have a look at the distinction between 54mm portafilter and 58mm.


 coffee distributor 54mm


There are a lot of discussion about the difference between different size of portafilters ranging from 51-58mm. And we pick coffee distributor 54mm and 58 mm out just for an example to test whether the diameter of basket influencing the process of coffee making.


Differentiating in the surface area


As their name implies, they have different diameter which results in different surface area also.


For 58mm


Surface area: πr2 = π*0.0292 = 0.00264207942


For 54mm


Surface area: πr2 = π*0.0272 = 0.00228906


The size of surface area will affect the consistency in coffee extraction. If we assume a certain extraction pressure, the larger surface area the net extraction force is greater. However, in this assumption, we haven’t take the capacity of them into consideration. So it may be a little one-sided to appraise the two tools since there are so many coffee distributor 54mm which has a larger capacity than the typical 58mm portafilter as it is taller than 58 mm.


Differentiating in the height


58 mm portafilter has a larger surface area and lower height than coffee distributor 54 mm which means they can distribute a thinner and larger coffee cake and a thicker and smaller coffee cake respectively. And according to the experience of baristas and coffee lovers, the taller cake allows the water to contact with the cake more adequately which could avoid the problem of under-extraction. While some people said that due to the taller height of 54mm, it is more easier to appear channeling when extracting.


Anyway, the higher height allows the much coffee powder to contact with the water when water flowing through them. While it is easier to be broken in the middle for the thinner coffee cake hold by 58 mm portafilter which also cause a under-extraction.


It is one-sided to just discuss about the size of portafilter since the types of the basket is also important in the process. As we all know, coffee bottomless portafilter for delongh is the favorite tool of barista since it is a good assistant helping you find the downsides when making an espresso. So if you are worried about the channeling problem when making a cup of coffee, you can choose a bottomless portafilter with 54mm basket. Thus you can observe the subtle distinction every time you prepare a cup of coffee and to find the best dose and operation along with 54mm basket with the help of its full of hole bottom.


In conclusion, no matter we choose which one portafilter the mistakes will attend always in time. Whether making a perfect espresso or at least qualified has to do with the skill of the user. And the bottomless portafilter is a magical tool allowing you to improve your coffee extraction skill.


Therefore if you have no idea to choose coffee distributor 54mm or coffee distributor 58mm, we recommend you to spring for a coffee bottomless portafilter for delongh with coffee distributor 54mm or 58mm. Sounds ridiculous? It is indeed useful suggestion. Hope it can help you.