The Reasons Why You Choose Delonghi Eco310 Portafilter

October 22,2021

Coffee is a daily necessity for modern young people. While ensuring the taste, it can keep us awake at all times. As the quality of life continues to improve, most of them start to try to make coffee at home. Coffee filter is an indispensable tool, among which hand-held coffee filter is more popular, especially our delonghi eco310 portafilter, which is a bottomless one. Nevertheless, before buying, you should understand the following.


 Delonghi Eco310 Portafilter


What is a portafilter?


If you have ever noticed how professional baristas make coffee beverages, you will most likely see how mobile filters work.


The portafilter is a component of the espresso machine. It is a spoon-shaped device for holding coffee powder. You connect the filter to the head of the espresso machine, the hot water comes into contact with the ground coffee beans and extracts the espresso.


How is the portfilter composed of?


Portafilters are made of chrome, stainless steel or brass to enhance heat retention, but they usually have plastic or wooden handles. It has several components:


  • Filter basket: The filter basket is located in the ring of the filter. It contains coffee grounds. The bottom with holes acts as a screen and filters. Through these holes, hot water containing the extracted espresso flavor will enter your cup.


  • Handle: The handle helps the barista load the filter and lock it into the espresso machine.


  • Spout: A filter can have one or two spouts. The water outlet is located at the bottom, even under the filter basket screen. It just provides a channel for the coffee to flow into the cup (or multiple cups, if it is a double spout). Portable filters without nozzles are called bare or bottomless portable filters.


Why choose a delonghi eco310 portafilter?


1️⃣Improve espresso technology


The main reason to buy a bottomless filter is its value as a learning tool. It allows you to fully and unimpededly see the process of transforming water and coffee powder into velvety and delicious espresso. By showing you the extraction process, it allows you to make adjustments with less guesswork.


2️⃣Enjoy the view


Another reason why many baristas like to use bottomless filters is that watching a cup of carefully crafted espresso brewing process is very beautiful. This is a satisfying way to see your hard work paid off and impressively showcase the appearance of a great espresso.


3️⃣Simplify cleanup


It is easier to clean the bottomless filter. It has almost no corners and gaps that need to be washed with a brush, and the surface area that can be adhered is very small. Not only can you reduce the time to clean the equipment, but you don't have to worry about the buildup that will affect the flavor of the espresso.


Where to buy delonghi eco310 portafilter?


Your portafilter is where the magic happens, simply mixing water and coffee powder to form a beautiful, complex espresso. And, for both professional baristas and novices, the difference in the coffee filter you hold can mean a difference in the taste. We Envery provide high quality coffee filter all the time. If you want to buy delonghi eco310 portafilter, please contact us by