Which One Is Better: Bottomless Portafilter V.S. Regular Portafilter?

October 25,2021

Bottomless coffee portafilters are very popular among baristas and novices in recent years. It is not only easy to clean, but also simple to operate. We know that coffee made by different people tastes different. In other words, the process of espresso involves endless variable choices. You can first adjust your variables and customize your experience by choosing a coffee filter. In addition to bottomless coffee portafilters, there are regular portafilters on the market. Before buying, you should understand their differences.


breville 870 bottomless portafilter


What do bottomless portafilters and regular portafilters have in common?


Both the bottomless filter and the ordinary filter have a cup, a filter basket and a handle. When making espresso, these components are equal participants. You need a handle to help you guide the filter bowl into place.


For example, the handle allows you to gain enough power to achieve the required seal. You also need the cup itself to have a place for coffee powder and a filter to prevent coffee powder from entering your lens.


These two hand-held portafilters can produce high-quality espresso coffee and are generally equally easy to use. As long as the size of the filter cup matches the installation parts through which the water passes on the machine, bottomless and regular portable portafilters can be compatible with various machine types. When buying a machine, keep in mind the size you need - some machines have a proprietary installation, but most have one of several different diameters.


What are the differences between bottomless portafilter and regular portafilter?


The biggest difference between the two portafilters is the bottom part. The ordinary hand-held filter has a nozzle at both ends, which allows the espresso to be collected and then dripped into a cup or small glass. When the espresso leaves the filter cup, the nozzle will direct its flow, so as to achieve a neat pour.


The bottomless filter is-predictable-bottomless. There is no water outlet, in fact, there is nothing between the bottom of the filter basket and the items you place under it. Therefore, espresso can flow freely instead of being directed.


What are the benefits of bottomless portafilters?


Bottomless portafilters are so popular because many espresso lovers feel that they are better. This is because the bottomless mobile filter does not interfere with the formation of coffee oil, resulting in a richer, fuller espresso.


Bottomless portafilters are also popular because they make it easier to diagnose any problems that may occur with the espresso machine. By opening the process and results, you can easily detect whether there is a problem.


What are the benefits of ordinary portafilters?


The biggest reason for supporting the standard portafilter is that it is easy to find. Almost all espresso machines on the market have many regular hand-drain portafilters. In addition, it is relatively simple to find a compatible regular portable filter, even for older machines, compared to finding a bottomless portable filter suitable for any given machine.


Regular portafilters can also make the pouring coffee cleaner, because unless something goes wrong, there is less risk of pouring espresso from any place other than the two spouts.


In a word, the above two portafilter has its own advantages, you can make a decision depending on your preferences, for more information about breville 870 bottomless portafilter, welcometo contact us at any time.