Why We Need Coffee Distributor And Tamper?

October 27,2021

There are so many kinds of coffee makers sold on the markets such as Mocha pot, French press and siphon pot, etc. But semi-automatic espresso machine has been considered as the most professional coffee machine and only the expert baristas and crazy coffee fans could operate it well. And what the most difficult steps are how to distribute and compress coffee evenly inside of the portafilter. So to choose a excellent coffee distributor and tamper matter a lot.


What’s a coffee distributor?


coffee distributor


As the name implies that coffee distributor, also well known as coffee leveler, refers to a tool designed to evenly distribute the coffee powder inside of the portafilter. In a word, coffee distribution is to level the ground coffee to evenly spread throughout the portafilter which sounds simple, but it is indeed the last barista skills coffee beginners master. It is important to distribute the ground coffee evenly throughout the portafilter because even a minuscule inconsistency in the distribution of the coffee can trigger the dreaded phenomenon of channeling.  


What’s the consequence of channeling phenomenon?


coffee distributor and tamper


Channeling phenomenon results in a small part of the ground coffee contacting with too much water while the rest of the coffee powder remains under-extracted. The resulting pulled espresso will taste sour, bitter, and with an unpleasant thin mouthfeel rather than rich mouthfeel with full aroma.


What’s a traditional coffee tamper?


coffee tamper


It refers to a tool designed to pack the ground coffee inside of the coffee. A professional barista generally has the ability to pack the powder evenly without a distributor but it’s also a big challenge to keep a uniform level consistently for most of baristas. In a word, the job of a coffee tamper is to turn a pile of loose ‘dosed’ grounds into a tightly compressed cake.


With an espresso tamp, you’re essentially taking it from a pile of loose ‘dosed’ grounds and turning it into a tightly compressed cake inside of the portafilter basket. A high-quality tamp will create a resistance that makes the pressurized water work harder to saturate the grounds and extract all that awesome coffee flavor. And when the water passes through the packed coffee, it pulls crema from the grounds and creates the much-loved taste and rich texture your customers will expect from a quality espresso.


What’s the consequence resulted by using a tamper alone?


It is difficult to distribute the coffee powder evenly inside of the portafilter with a tamper alone, even with maximum pressure. Even though the surface of the coffee mound looks smooth and even, there may have lumps under the surface. And all of these potential problems with your packed coffee will result in the formation of sections with a higher or lower density to which a uniform flow will be impossible.


Therefore a tamper will compress the coffee inside the filter basket but can’t avoid the problems of lumps and unevenness.


The best of both worlds?


For convenience, coffee accessory manufacturers have launched a smart tool combined the both advantage of coffee distributor and tamper, an adjustable leveler that doubles as a tamp.


It can do both leveling and tamping very well as it allows you to adjust the depth so that you get a firm ‘tamp’ once the tool is spun down to touch the basket edge. Thus your tamp will be perfectly level each time!


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