51mm Bottomless Coffee Machine Portafilter Filter Basket For Delonghi Ec680/685
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    51mm Coffee Bottomless Portafilter
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    Coffee Machine
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    Highly Polished
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    Stainless Steel+Wood/ABS
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Delonghi Ec680/Ec685 Bottomless filter,Delonghi Dedica Portafilter 


Product name  Delonghi Ec680/Ec685,Delonghi Dedica 51mm bottomless filter 
Material  Food grade 304 stainless steel
Usage  Brew coffee
Feature  Refillable and reusable
Accessory  1 capsule + 1 brush + 1 spoon + 1 pound stick
Suitable for  Delonghi EC680 / Delonghi EC685 / Delonghi Delonghi
Weight  310g
Package  35个/pk


无底过滤器 delonghi ec680

无底过滤器 delonghi ec685


Bottomless Portafilter For Delonghi Ec680/Ec685,Delonghi Dedica Portafilter Features


1. This bottomless Portafilter basket is made of food grade stainless steel.

2. The ergonomically designed solid wood handle has a comfortable grip and stable operation.

3. The coffee liquid extracted from the bottomless handle has more fat and better quality, allowing you to enjoy the shiny golden brown coffee column soaked in espresso in the United States.


无底过滤器 delonghi ec685

无底过滤器 delonghi ec685

无底过滤器 delonghi ec685


  • Single layer sieving with ultra-fine mesh is the key to extract fat from coffee

无底过滤器 delonghi ec685

Easy to clean

  • Easy to disassemble, easy to use, easy to clean


无底过滤器 delonghi ec685

Modern CNC technology


  • CNC integrated molding technology high-end precision manufacturing

无底过滤器 delonghi ec685


无底过滤器 delonghi ec685



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Single product packaging size: 25X9X5 cm
Gross weight of single product: 0.400 kg


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Bottomless Portafilter For Delonghi Ec680/Ec685,Delonghi Dedica Portafilter


If you are confused about the existence of bottomless filters, don't worry, you are not alone. The enthusiasm of world-class baristas inspired this new feature in the espresso world. Their lives are only to extract the absolute best from each coffee bean. Delonghi dedica ec685 portafilter can facilitate your life.


Bottomless Portafilters V.S. Spouted Portafilters


By cutting the bottom from the filter, you can get in touch with the good, bad and ugly espresso. The traditional spout filter can very well gather the coffee into a clean and neat extracted coffee flow into your cup. Any defects in the grinding, metering and compaction technology can be easily concealed by the use of nozzle filters.


The bottomless portafilter delonghi ec685 will tell you everything. It does so in a ruthless manner.


Coffee that is under-used, over-used, unevenly distributed, or heavily compacted can cause espresso to spill everywhere. This is called a channel. Water finds weak spots in the ice ball, it can pass through easier and faster, so it will not disturb the correct extraction through coffee powder.


Homogeneous extraction


In places with fast water flow, coffee will be sprayed from the bottom of the hand-held filter at an unpredictable rate. This is frustrating and may be a bit embarrassing, but my goodness, it will make you work harder to perfect your technique.


Guidance and how to perfect your compaction skills


If you are bothered by brewing, try to distribute the coffee more evenly by moving the filter around during the dosing process. Let the coffee fall evenly on the perforated surface of the basket to help prevent weak spots on the edges. In addition, make sure that your compaction is always uniform.


If you do it right, the lens will pour out like warm honey. Smooth, silky and delicious. Yes, the coffee tastes better. It makes all the pain and pain worthwhile. When practicing with the delonghi dedica bottomless portafilter, make sure not to wear your favorite white shirt!


Benefits of bottomless coffee portafilter filters


One of the best reasons to buy this type of filter or convert your existing filter is that it can obtain a higher quality espresso. Because there is no nozzle for the espresso to pass through, the coffee fat will be more developed, because it breaks down less in the nozzle, which will give the coffee a better flavor. If you have a crush on bottomless portafilter for delonghi dedica.


Another reason to go to the bottomless pit is convenience. It is much easier to clean a bottomless mobile filter than a filter with a nozzle, because you don't need any small brushes to clean the inside of the nozzle deeply.


The absence of a spout also creates more headroom between the coffee pot and the drip tray on the machine, which means that taller glasses can be placed underneath, which means that small wine glasses may be a thing of the past.


The portafilter delonghi dedica will not only produce a better espresso, but it will also make life better.


Company Profile


Dongguan Envery Hardware Plastic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company that designs and sells coffee pods, coffee sticks, and coffee capsules in the coffee tool industry. With the business tenet of "survive by product quality, develop by reputation and serve". We are committed to providing you with quality products and quality services.


We specialize in coffee tools, such as coffee capsules, coffee handles, coffee tampers, coffee dispensers, etc. We can also help our customers design their own products and build their brands, which are welcomed by most customers all over the world. Thanks also to the trust of our customers, our business is growing rapidly every year. Welcome to you to break the boundaries of communication.


We design and sell 51Mm Bottomless Coffee Machine Portafilter Filter Basket For Delonghi Ec680/685 and other products, which are welcomed by most customers. At the same time, we can also help our customers design their own products and establish their own brands. We believe We can grow together in the coffee industry. Looking forward to your visit.


Q1: What is your MOQ?
A1: No MOQ Limit。

Q2:What is your quality control?
A2:Production operators self-inspect each process, QC random inspection and final inspection, and the defective rate is controlled within 1% or even lower.

Q3: Can I print my own brand logo on your products?
A3: OEM orders are very welcome. When you ask us, please write down your logo and the detailed information about the location of the logo.

Q4: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
A4: We are a factory with 10 years of experience, and we try our best to provide competitive prices and professional services.

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