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Coffee Tamper/Distributor

picture-of-a-bottomless-portafilter-extracting-espresso-into-a-demitasse-cup.jpgMany baristas are looking for  high-quality Coffee Tamper/Distributor to ensure a smoother and smoother coffee making process. Here, you can find different sizes, different materials, and different brands of coffee distributor tamper. We have shown them to you very well.


Regarding coffee distributor and tamper, many people are looking for the answer to this question: Are coffee distributor and coffee tamper the same? They are slightly different, although they are functionally to distribute the coffee powder evenly and compactly. The tamper generally applies pressure through its handle, and the distributor only needs to rotate.


We have different sizes, from 51mm-58.5mm tamper distributor. Some sizes may be hidden, you need to contact our coffee tool experts for more detailed information.


Recently, our popular products are as follows
51mm coffee distributor
51mm/53mm/58mm coffee distributor
coffee espresso distributor
coffee distributor for breville


Dongguan Envery Hardware Plastic Electronic Design And Sales Coffee Tamper Distributor Contains Many Choices, From 49Mm To 58Mm. We Believe We Cangrow Together In The Coffee Industry.